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We have a series of plastic buckets, which capacity covers from 0.6 litre to 20 litre. Elegant printing is available for customers to choose, including silkscreen and heat transfer printing.

1) Product features:
Beautiful and smooth shape, offer a variety of colors to be chosen.
Perfect anti-static, prevent buckets from absorbing dust.
Special anti-fake sealed, ensure security.
Reliable seal design, against leaking.
Strong body, satisfy high intensity with stacking and drop.

2) Scope of application: Chemical coatings, lubricants, food and food additives, ink, hardware, cleaner and other industries.

3) Quality standard:
The quality standard refers to the professional standard of “SN 0449.2-98 Rules for the Inspection of Packaging for Dangerous Goods Exported by Sea-performance Test”of The People's Republic of China for Import and Export Commodity Inspection.
Prouducts meet Changzhou Huapu Plastics Container CO., Ltd Enterprise Standard Q/320412HPS001-2007.
Raw materials meet GB9693-1988 Hygienic standard for polypropyrene products used as food containers and tablewares .

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